Trial Design

This trial has been powered to detect a 15% clinically relevant improvement in surgical site infection for soft tissue sarcoma resection. This requires 80 per arm including loss to follow up.

Intervention group: 5 days NPWT (ActiVAC - KCI, Texas, USA) 

Control group: Absorbent dressings (as per local protocol)

Inclusion criteria:

Adults (16 and over)

Soft tissue sarcoma undergoing curative resection

Primary closure

English speaking

Exclusion criteria:

None primary closure

Unable to consent
Post radiation sarcomas or sarcoma in presence of active infection
Multiple metastatic disease


1. Surgical site infection (endpoint 30 days)

2. Time to wound dryness

3. Surgical drain volume

4. Adverse Events

5. Function:

  - Toronto Extremity Salvage Score (TESS)

  - Musculoskeletal Society Score (MSTS)