Sarcoma - Usual versus Negative pressure

A prospective randomised controlled trial


Negative Pressure Wound Therapy (NPWT) has been used for open wound defects for several decades. Recent evaluation has shown clinical improvement with its use in high risk, primarily closed, surgical wounds. This pragmatic randomised control trial is evaluating the clinical improvement in surgical site infection using NPWT versus standard absorbent dressings.

This initial phase is powered to evaluate the dressing in soft tissue sarcomas undergoing resection. Future phases will evaluate cases using endoprosthetic implants and amputations.

The principle investigating centre is Glasgow Royal Infirmary, based in the west of Scotland, UK.

Pilot Data

Initial pilot data from a case controlled trial, showed a significantly improved wound breakdown rate with the use of NPWT*

*R.Kong, D.W. Shields, O.Bailey, S.Gupta, A.Mahendra, 'Negative Pressure Wound Therapy for Closed Surgical Wounds in Musculoskeletal Oncology Patients - A Case-Control Trial'. The Open Orthopaedics Journal 2017, Vol 11, p502-507. DOI: 10.2174/1874325001711010502



Following initial recruitment and refining of logistics, we are now expanding to multiple sites.


Interested in recruiting to SUNtrial?


TEL: 0141 211 4443 (outside UK +441412114443)


Musculoskeletal Oncology Department

Glasgow Royal Infirmary, 84 Castle Street, Glasgow, United Kingdom, G4 0SF


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November 30, 2017

Protocol Publication

Study protocol completes peer review and published in an open access journal:

Bailey O, Shields DW, Donnelly I, Findlay H, Sharp E, et al. (2017) SUNstudy Study Protocol: Sarcoma Usual versus Negative pressure
dressing Study Protocol. J Clin Exp Orthop Vol.3 No.3:47

June 20, 2017

Multicentre Developments

Following ISOLS and BOOS, much interest has been sparked from our colleagues in other centres throughout the world. Provisional interest from:

Scotland - Aberdeen, Edinburgh

England - Stanmore, Oxford, Nottingham/Leicester, Birmingham, Oswestry, Newcastle

Republic of Ireland - Dublin

New Zealand - Auckland

South Korea - Seoul

USA - Los Angeles

June 01, 2017

BOOS - Newcastle, UK

Trial protocol presented to British Orthopaedic Oncology Society (BOOS), Royal Victoria Hospital, Newcastle-Upon-Tyne, England

May 10, 2017

ISOLS - Kanazawa, Japan

Pilot data and trial protocol presented at International Society of Limb salvage (ISOLS), Kanazawa, Japan

October 18, 2016

Recruiting to SUNstudy

Now actively recruiting!

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